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Rare Coins and Road Trips: Family Outings for Budding Numismatic Enthusiasts

Aubree Mccoy

Collecting rare coins is a fun and rewarding hobby that your whole family can enjoy together. You can start with the most simple action—sorting through piles of pocket change and piggy banks for old silver quarters and wheat pennies. By checking online or in a coin-collecting book from the library, you can find the value of these fascinating pieces of history. These first coins you find are the foundation for a hobby that can engage children in discovering more about history, commerce, and even mathematics. As you all become more involved in learning about coins that are rare—most of which are no longer in circulation—you can expand your collection and your family together time by going on awesome numismatic adventures.

Coin Collecting Close to Home

Day trips and short jaunts are delightful ways to spend valuable family time on weekends, on school breaks, and when you just really need to get away. You'll be able to bond over collecting rare coins or simply learning more about collecting when you visit destinations such as the following.

Coin Dealers. You'll find professional coin dealers in cities across the country where you can buy, sell, and trade rare coins. Some dealers have large shops with museum-like displays through which you can wander, observe, and ask lots of questions. Others are tiny and may share space with antique dealers or other types of collectors. And a few are only open during certain hours and by appointment. Do your homework in advance by making a call to verify the dealer's availability before you make the trip, especially if you're traveling on a weekend or near holidays.

Antique Shows and Flea Markets. You can find hidden treasures at many of these temporary marketplaces, but make sure you set a budget and have your own numismatic guidebook along to check on the range of values a coin may have if you decide to sell or trade. While it's possible you won't find any old or rare coins at all, the thrill of the hunt can be invigorating.

Coin Shows. Dealers, brokers, and fellow coin collectors gather for regional shows, typically once or twice a year in various locations. The shows are usually held at the convention centers of larger cities; you might want to include an overnight stay in your travel plans so that you have plenty of time to cruise the aisles, participate in workshops, and figure out what special items you'd like to add to your rare coin collection.

Coin Collections Further from Home

As your family becomes more involved in collecting rare coins, there will likely be evenings you spend having fun with local coin-club members. You'll learn more about how to successfully buy and sell coins through national-level dealers to create your own customized collection. And you'll discover how much fun it is to see other people's collections and learn the history of coins. Some of the great places to learn more about your collections are located at destinations perfect for a family vacation getaway, such as the following.

The Smithsonian, National Museum of American History. Two major exhibits, The Value of Money and Stories on Money, feature historic and valuable items from the National Numismatic Collection. Plus you'll be in Washington, D.C., where the rest of your vacation time can be spent sightseeing around the nation's capital city.

The Money Museum. Admission is free for American Numismatic Association members at this engaging museum in Colorado Springs, Colorado. There's a special Kids Zone for the youngest members of the family, and there are fascinating exhibits for all ages to enjoy.

United States Mint, Philadelphia. The self-guided tour of the U.S. Mint facility in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania takes about 45 minutes, and you'll want to spend time plenty of time in the gift shop, where you'll find numismatic collectibles, coins sets, and other items to enhance your own family coin collection.

Collecting rare coins is a hobby that will help you create memorable times for the whole family—both at home and on the road. Check out the websites of various coin shops and attractions related to coin collection so that you and your family can start forming these memories. 


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