Choosing Financial Freedom

Choosing Financial Freedom

Four Unpleasant Surprises First-Time Home Buyers Often Experience

Aubree Mccoy

It's important for you to be prepared if you're buying a home for the first time. Too many first-time home buyers are overwhelmed by the surprises that come up with the new experience of owning a property. The following are four sometimes unpleasant surprises that first-time home buyers need to be warned of in advance:

The amount of time and money lawn maintenance involves

Those who have never owned a home have never experienced the work that goes into maintaining a lawn.

You will need to maintain your lawn to keep your property in good shape. You might even need to keep up with certain landscaping tasks just to adhere to lawn care ordinances in effect in your neighborhood.

It's important to understand how much lawn work is going to be involved in home ownership before you commit to purchasing a particular property.

The need to cover hefty property tax expenses

First-time home buyers have not paid property taxes before, and therefore, sometimes aren't aware of just how expensive they can be.

You need to know what property taxes you will be liable for before you purchase a home. If you don't keep up with property taxes, your home can be taken away from you and all the money you invested in it lost. 

Remember that your property taxes can change over time if you plan to put any additions on your home or carry out any renovation projects. These projects can increase the value and thereby bring up your property taxes. 

The frequency of repair needs

When you own a home, you cannot simply call your landlord to fix any malfunctions that arise. Homeowners are often surprised at how frequently repair needs come up and how expensive they can be. 

Even if your home is apparently in perfect shape according to your inspection, that doesn't mean you won't experience common issues like drafts and leaks soon after moving in. Make sure you have funds available to handle repairs that come up so that you can take good care of your property.

The frustrations of finding homeowners insurance coverage

Homeowners insurance is a must so that you can protect the investments you make in your home. However, finding insurance coverage can be difficult in situations involving older properties or homes located in areas that are susceptible to flood or storm damage.

Discuss homeowners insurance options with your real estate agent before purchasing a property so that you know where your coverage will be coming from and approximately how much it will cost.

When you are ready to make your purchase, reach out to first-time home buyer loan services. 


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